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HPX Interface Modules

As the most flexible SDH/SONET access platform on the market, the Haliplex 1600 Series connect trunks or tributaries via a range of discrete hot-swappable, industry standard interface modules. Distributed power regulators are engineered onto each module for optimal distribution throughout the chassis. In addition to fiber optic 1+1, SNCP mechanisms, protection is available for PDH circuits at E1/T1 and E3/DS3 level.

Haliplex's innovative Interface Modules (IMs) complement the modularity of Haliplex platforms by allowing customers to purchase only the provisioning capabilities they require today, while retaining the flexibility to add new services tomorrow. Streamlined for optimal port density per RU, these state-of-the-art, hot-swappable interface modules can be shared and interchanged across platforms, and are implemented instantly with HPXView without disruption to existing services or to power distribution through the chassis.


Dual E1 Interface Module
Operating from n x 64 kbps to 2048 kbps, the Dual E1 IM allows direct connection to E1 networks via dual RJ45 ports. Great for low speed utility applications.

Dual T1 Interface Module
Allows direct connection to T1 networks via two RJ45 ports. Up to 16 Dual T1 IMs can be loaded into a single HPX-1600 chassis, cross-connected by the Digital Access Cross Connect (DACS).

Multi-Protocol Serial (MPS) Interface Module
A simple, resilient solution to low speed data transport for Utility network applications such as SCADA, telemetry, and radio links.

Octal E1 Interface Module
Eight E1 ports in a single micro-module, the Octal E1 operates at a trunk speed of 2048 kbps and can be connected to the SDH/SONET payload in unframed mode via a 50-pin VHDCI.

Octal T1 Interface Module
A scalable T1 solution for rapidly expanding networks, the Octal T1 is designed for rugged network applications, complete with comprehensive alarms, loopback options & Automatic Protection Switching (APS) to any working channel.

Ethernet Interface Module
For use with the HPX-1600-IA and HPX-1600-SS multi-service provisioning platforms, the Single Ethernet IM is a single channel 10/100 Mbps device that achieves connection via a standard RJ45. All IM performance, statistical, and alarm parameters are controlled through Haliplex's EMS/ NMS, HPXView.

Dual G.703 Interface Module
The Dual G.703 Interface Module (IM) allows utility network operators to transmit low speed data over SDH. Featuring two G.703 ports, this innovative IM operates at 64 kbps and allows connection via two RJ45 ports to equipment that supports G.703 co-directional.

Dual FXS Interface Module
Operating at a trunk speed of 64 kbps, this IM achieves connection via two RJ45 FXS ports. The Dual FXS IM can be paired with either digital E1 or analog FXO to extend voice communications between sites.

Dual FXO Interface Module
Offers Carrier-free, continuously available voice connection, at an industry leading price point, and provides direct connection to analog PSTN lines from a central office or PABX, emulating the operation of a telephone handset.

E3/DS3 Interface Module
Aggregate transmissions from microwave spurs for return to a Point of Presence (POP) or Mobile Switching Center (MSC). Can also be deployed in high bandwidth private networks to interconnect LANs between floors or building sites, for the transport of bandwidth hungry triple-play services.

E&M Interface Module
The Dual Port Ear and Mouth (E&M) Interface Module (IM) offers private network operators cost-effective deployment of intercom, public address system and end-to-end signal relay services.

M13 Interface Module
The popular M13/C Multiplexer (Mux) Interface Module (IM) is commonly used for interconnection of PDH and SDH/SONET networks or for migration from PDH to SDH/SONET networks. Additionally, the M13/C Mux IM can multiplex E1 or T1 circuits. Connectivity is via two BNC connectors.

STM-1/OC-3 Interface Module
The STM-1/OC-3 Interface Module provides a resilient solution to high bandwidth data transport in mission critical network applications. When two STM-1/OC-3 IMs are inserted in the HPX-1600-SS multi-service provisioning platform, the STM-1/OC-3 IM enables transmission of 63/84 E1/T1 circuits over optical fiber at a speed of 155 Mbps.

Dual Ethernet Interface Module
The Dual Ethernet Interface Module enables operators to bridge Local Area Networks (LANs) or to extend a LAN over a Wide Area Network (WAN). For use with the Ethermapper fitted, HPX-1600-SS, this dual channel 10/100 Mbps device provides a compact solution to realtime data sharing in utility networks with multiple office and substation sites.

Teleprotection Fibre Optic (ITU C37.94)
An electrically isolated solution connects by fibre optic 1x to 12x 64Kbps timeslots to electricty sub-station protection relays. Conforms to ITU C37.94, available as SM or MM models.

Multi-Protocol Serial (MPS2)
Low Speed Interface Module A simple, resilient solution tuned especially to low speed data transport for Utility network applications such as SCADA, telemetry, and radio links. Supports sub-rate data rates multiplexed into a 64Kbps composite using ITU X.50. Up to 10 MPS-2 can be cascaded to carry 20 circuits in a single timeslot.

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